Saturday, December 15, 2012

Interior Design Ideas: Tips on Decorating Your Home

                                                 Designing a space incorporating individualistic Ideas has its rewards - you get a personalised space that is unique. Many a time I've been asked - "but how can I Design my room/house, I'm not a Designer". My answer is - yes you can, if you really want to. Given the fact that the basic parameters of your room remain the same, say the area, walls, flooring etc; you have to decide on the additions that are necessary to complete the picture. Would you like to have a theme based décor? If so, think of all the elements and colours that would authenticate the theme. A room which screams pink certainly cannot be associated with a Mediterranean theme. Think about the colour scheme - would you like to go with bold and bright or light and airy colours, monochromatic or a varied colour palette? How about a feature wall in a contrasting colour or texture? Once this decision is made move on to the layout. Various permutations and combinations may be feasible when it comes to arranging furniture - decide on something that satisfies the budding Designer in you. When it comes to furniture and artefacts whether you're looking at a contemporary Design or a traditional one, try to visualize the overall effect once the other elements are incorporated. Contemporary furniture will stick out like a sore thumb in a room that is chock -a-block full with traditional elements and vice versa. For example - a beautiful, hand crafted elephant decked up in a traditional manner (as they do during the temple festivals in Kerala, India), placed on a coffee table in a very contemporary setting will look out of place. However the two styles can be mixed and matched cleverly provided you have enough pieces of a particular Design that can blend in effortlessly and you are able to tie up the varied styles to form a complete picture. Decide on the furnishings - upholstery, curtains, cushions, carpets etc. Whatever colour you choose, do not try to match everything perfectly. This will be a sure shot recipe for a Designing blunder! You can incorporate two or more colours that complement each other or go with different shades, tones or tints of a single colour and if necessary add a contrasting highlight. Start with one element and build your Design and colour scheme around it - for example if have a beautiful rug, pick on the colours from it and build your Design and colour scheme around it adding accents wherever necessary. Incorporating different textures and patterns visually enhances the overall appeal. However a multitude of patterns and colours in a single space will ruin the look completely. The icing on the cake -accessories... they bind the Design in a beautiful way! Photographs, paintings, beautiful antiques passed down by your ancestors, collectibles from travels -some things that take you down memory lane, and put your personal stamp on the décor. Plants, flowers and candles are excellent additions. Inexpensive things, like shells, pebbles too can be used to beautify a space - anything beautiful that has a personal stamp is priceless! You can even create a focal point with accessories, but remember to link it to the overall décor. More than one focal point in a room should be dealt with very carefully, so that they do not clash or take away from the other, especially within a small space. Always remember, less is more when you embark on this venture - an over accessorised space spells doom! Lighting plays a major role in décor - you should look at the overall impact in natural light, during day time. Here again it depends on the amount of natural light a room receives. Some spaces require additional lighting even during day time. Decide on the placement of light fixtures, whether wall-hung, ceiling hung or free standing lamps and get wiring done accordingly. Accent lights and spot lights help in creating a dramatic appeal, when used cleverly. Task lights are a boon, wherever required. Chandeliers add grandeur to the room; however choose a Design and size that complements the décor and scale of the room. Trial and error always brings out the best - this is my belief. Do not be afraid to experiment, unleash the Designer in you and explore the world of décor. Show off your personalised style. The end result will be unique as well as rewarding!