Sunday, October 14, 2012

Budget Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Shop Your Own Home: If you want to redecorate your home but don't have the money. Why not shop your own home! You would be amazed what rearranging the furniture, adding accessories from other rooms, and changing the paint color will do. When Budgets are tight- its time to get creative with the items you already own. For the price of a gallon of paint you could have a whole new look in your home within a day or two. Shopping your own home allows you to use your own personal items that you have collected over the years reflecting your family's personality. It allows you to be creative making your home warm & functional. It will create an inviting space at an affordable price. Throw a Party: White Elephant Decorating Party Invite all of your friends over for a decorating party. No, No- don't put your friends to work! Not yet anyway!! LOL Have each guest come over with a couple of decor pieces they no longer want and create a white elephant decorating gift party. Make the party fun and inviting. Everyone will leave the party with something new and have a great time in the process. If you get something you don't like- be creative with it and paint it, wrap it in fabric or stain it to transform it. Bottom line - Be CREATIVE... Paint Party Now you want to paint your house but you need help. This is where you put your friends to work. Invite your friends over to help and cook them a great meal or buy them some fine wine for helping you paint. Its always a good idea to send a personal handwritten thank you note after your paint party. If you put them to work- make them feel good about it and maybe even offer to help them paint their place as well. Ideas for Bookcases One last idea for bookcases- paint the back or put a beautiful printed wallpaper in the back of the bookcase. It will really bring out the color of your collectibles. Paint Ideas Instead of painting walls a solid color- try using a stencil. Stencils are cheap and they look great when done correctly. The ease and versatility of stencils are mind-boggling and it's an emerging decorating trend that is getting more and more popular. There are many Designs to choose from for any room in your house. Stencils will transform furniture as well. One of the cheapest ways to re-decorate a home; use what you already have by rearranging furniture and shopping your own house. Throw a white elephant decorating party or invite friends over to help you paint. If you have to spend money then I highly recommend shopping craigslist dot-com. You can buy new stuff "on the cheap" online ranging from furniture, frames, artwork and bookcases to name a few.