Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Several Concerns About Interior Design for the Office

Interior designing is a detailed subject with a very broad scope of work. It is a specialized job as each corner of the home, office or showroom demands for exclusive attention. Just like home, there are several concerns about Interior decoration and designing for the office which need to be considered as well. The kind of business, the locality, integration of business equipment, the type of clientele, customer comfort, number of staff and many other things similar to these are kept in mind by the Designers before starting any project.

There are different kinds of Interior design but generally people are aware and discuss only about the residential, commercial, and green house design. In recent times, the businesses have realized the significance of marketing and presentation. They are now aware that if they will look good, they will sell good. Due to that a huge number of businesses have turned towards the renovation of their offices. Last 2 decades have gone really well for the Interior decorators especially in the developed countries as their industry has touched new heights.
No matter how professional and experienced an Interior decoration firm is, every project is different and like a challenge for them. Before starting the project, the designer need to understand the actual requirement of the client as only then he will realize that what is expected from him. The understanding of the business is another aspect which should be clear at the very first step.

After having the clear understanding of the above, the designer needs to prepare a proper and complete plan which will give him the correct estimate regarding the amount of time and finances requires to finalize the project. There are few things which are really a piece of concern in designing any office. Interior designer should work hard on the walls, ceilings, doors, lighting, flooring, furniture, curtains and wall hangings to provide them a distinctive appearance. Proper spaces should be provided at appropriate places as with too much stuff the office will present a congested look.

The designer must make sure that his work will align and complement the nature of business as well. For example use of bright shades and colourful paintings will be perfect at any advertising agency but for a law firm this scheme will not suitable. In addition to that the surrounding of the business premises also requires some attention. The garden must look refreshing and well organized.

Many Designers are also inclined toward Feng Shui which is a Chinese art and that look after the energy which is running in your office. A combination of good Interior design with feng shui can do magic for your office.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bedroom Interior Design Tips & Idea

Whether you want a contemporary look or a traditional look, there are plenty of options for master Bedroom decorating. The first step to Bedroom decorating is deciding the color scheme.
If you want the room to have an energizing effect then colors like yellow, turquoise or cranberry are perfect choices for Bedroom color schemes. Choosing Themes Knowing how to theme your Bedroom can be a challenge.
Another great Idea for decorating a Bedroom, is using drapes to add a soft touch to the room. Draperies are a great way of how to decorate a Bedroom on a budget.
A Bedroom should be a personal getaway, a sanctuary, which expresses your favorite colors, feelings, and collections. Of all the rooms in your home, the Bedroom is the most personal. We spend almost one third of our lives in our Bedroom and thus, your Bedroom should be a tranquil retreat or a private haven where you are able to get away from it all and relax after a hard day's work.
Thinking beyond just color, fold a fringed throw and place it under your pillows with fringe cascading toward the floor. Painted green of the walls, dark wood accent furniture pieces and the natural linen fabric combine to give this Bedroom Design a quality Bedroom Design feel. For example a dark wood bookcase is a stunning and unexpected backdrop for the bed in this dramatic and somewhat gave a masculine Bedroom impression. Chocolate leather or suede sitting chairs complimented by an accent pillow or decorative throw continue the masculine appeal in Design.
Another important but often overlooked factor of room comfort and the quality of air inside the room. Good fresh air will work wonders for a better nights sleep and can really affect the feel and atmosphere in a space.
Well, you'll learn about some decorating styles that will help you create the Bedroom you want, visit Singapore Interior Design for more...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interior Design Ideas: Windows With Style

When it comes to interior Design Ideas, Windows are one of the favourite pieces that many people love to concentrate on for home décor. To learn about the modern and popular choices for stylish Windows, consider some of the following common points that all top decorators include in their décor:


With the number of different fabric blends available today, there are endless possibilities for beautiful and unique Windows to add Style to a room. Choose from a wide array of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen and even wool or from any number of the synthetic blends that are popular today.
Heavy Opaque

In some interior Design Ideas, Windows play a big role in a room. Sometimes the Windows can be the focal point or simply work to create an ideal environment for the person living or working in it. By using heavy opaque window treatments, it's possible to block out unwanted light, dull noise from outside and even create a bold yet calm atmosphere.

Light Sheer

Most of the interior Design Ideas for Windows, especially whimsical and modern Styles will include light sheer treatments. Sheer curtains, blinds and shades offer a beautiful filtered light that softens the room, giving it a warm serene feel to it. Combine several layers of sheers in different colours for a fun subdued addition of colour.

Natural Materials

When considering modern interior Design Ideas, Windows are the pieces that bring nature into the home from sunlight and views from the outdoors. This is one of the main reasons many people love to use natural materials for their window treatments and also as a way to tie in a natural feel indoors.


Wood is one of the top choices for blinds since they offer a strong look with a warm natural charm. Wood can be included as the main window treatment or even as accessories for other window Styles. There is much flexibility to match wood into décor since there are endless shades and colours available.


When it comes to ethnic and modern interior Design Ideas, Windows with bamboo coverings are usually at the top of the list. Bamboo is a beautiful versatile material that suits many different home décor Styles, especially those with an Asian feel to them.

Colours and Patterns

Using colours and patterns for Windows is a great way to make a plain room vibrant. Change the look and feel of any space by adding shades, curtains or accessories in a bold colour or Design.

Contrasting Colours

Some of the top interior Design Ideas for Windows will have a beautiful mix of contrasting colours. Whether it's in a pattern or from window treatment combination's, contrasting colours offer a bold statement in any room.

Bold Patterns

Along with contrasting colours, bold patterns are another way to make a big statement in a home. This is especially striking when decorating large Windows in a room. Though it will certainly have a bright fun look to it, it's also important not to make it overpowering or else the rest of the room may seem lost.

Bold patterns are also a wonderful way to bring attention to smaller Windows in a room, especially when curtains are drawn back to form a lovely frame, showing the views from outside.

Tone on Tone

Many classic and sophisticated interior Design Ideas for Windows will include subdued class and Style, especially with the addition of tone on tone Styles. Choose fun patterns without showing them in a bold manner. This Style works beautifully with paisley prints, polka dots, floral patterns and more.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Retail Interior Design Advice

Experienced Retail Interior Designers take advantage of certain formulas which are recognised as being effective tools in the successful marketing and selling of goods. They are able to use their 'tricks of the trade' to produce effective Design capable of significantly boosting a company's sales and profit.

Any business owner who has employed the services of a good Retail Interior Designer will tell you that whilst the cost of hiring a Designer might at first appear to be an unwanted expense, with the right choice of Designer, it is a cost which can lead to significant returns. With in-depth knowledge and awareness of the types of psychological conditions that can be manipulated to produce a desired impact on shoppers, specialist Designers are coming up with increasingly sophisticated techniques. These techniques are used to assist retailers in persuading consumers to part with their hard-earned cash.

Supermarkets and other food outlets make use of strategies like the smell of baking bread to make their customers feel hungry. Retail outlets use techniques such as placing merchandise that is considered as an impulse buy at the end of aisles, or in close proximity to till areas. Stock which has a wide profit margin is often placed at a customer's eye level, as it is a well established fact that consumers are more likely to purchase goods which are in their line of sight.

The exterior image of your store and window display areas in particular, can be used to great advantage. Huge numbers of people love shopping so much that they essentially consider it a leisure activity and many people spend hours of their spare time, shopping and browsing in shop windows. Sophisticated Design can create desire and longing in an individual and encourage people to enter stores and purchase items they didn't intentionally set out to buy. The first role of a retail Designer is to make the front of your store look inviting and accessible to customers and to Design and create a provocative window display that will urge individuals to come inside to purchase items.

The Interior of any store is of equal importance and it is essential to create the perfect mood and atmosphere to make your clients feel relaxed and comfortable. A quality shopping experience in the right environment will encourage customers to spend time browsing and spending their money. Customers are much more likely to come back to your store after a pleasurable shopping experience and the inevitability of their return leads to a likelihood of increased sales and profit.

Within the retail Interior a number of tools are employed to create the right image for a store and give it an appealing ambiance. Good use of colour, music and light can be used to make customers feel more comfortable. Generally people feel more at ease when there are other people around and they have a clear line of sight. So it is important that stores feel spacious, are simple to navigate and that they are kept clean and totally uncluttered.

New and creative, themed displays can help a store keep a fresh and vibrant appearance and can be used to promote both seasonal and sale items effectively. The practice of moving displays around from time to time can also assist stores to retain the interest of customers and make them feel more inquisitive and curious.

Whether you choose to employ a Retail Interior Designer or decide to take on the challenge yourself, don't undervalue the impact that visual communication has on your sales.

SmithBrewer offer Design and build services for retail and commercial Interiors, our in-house retail Design team offers a wealth of experience and Design skills within the graphic and product Design and retail display fields. We provide a retail Interior Design service for commercial properties such as offices, hotels, bars and restaurants. We can create a full scheme for you or can Design feature areas or even individual pieces of furniture to suit an existing scheme